1. A copy of passport size photograph;
  2. Tax Identification Number (TIN Certificate);
  3. Copy of National ID
  4. Bank statement (Salary Account and/or any other account maintaining by Assessee);
  5. DPS statements (if any);
  6. Salary statement from your employers with mentioning total TDS deducted;
  7. TDS deduction certificate by banks for FDRs & DPSs (if any);
  8. Supporting documents of your assets & liabilities;
  9.     Supporting documents of investments made by you (DPS, Investment on share, Insurance premium- personal/group, Donation to NBR approved institutes etc.) (if any);
  10. Supporting for any other income and expenses (e.g. House Rent/ Agricultural/Business/Capital Gain/Interest on Securities) (if any);
  11. Deed or rental agreement (if any) for house property income;
  12. Dividend warrant for dividend income (if any);
  13. Loan related documents (If any).
  14. Any Assets purchase by own fund/ loan/ or from any other source related documents and asset proprietorship certificate or acknowledgement (If any)


For further inquiry mail to: info@tba-bd.com

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