Hello world!

After 3 years of planning and knowledge gathering, Tactical Business Affairs (TBA) have finally started its journey. TBA have been established by 4 professionals with the mission of assisting management in incorporating truthfulness and fairness in financial reporting and ensuring effectiveness and efficiency in the internal control environment. TBA also has the mission of providing aid to the small and start up business in keeping proper accounting records, preparing financial statements andĀ regarding tax & legal issues. With these missionsĀ TBA had started its ground work in the year 2012.

Over the last three years, our team have gathered theoretical knowledge and practical experience first-hand and have become specialized in the field of internal audit, risk assessment, tax advisory, business valuation, accounting services and so on. Our team is also experienced in preparing policy and manuals, research and data analysis.

TBA have finished its ground work and started its journey full speed ahead. Right now we are working on our websites which will be launched pretty soon.